ext:pem "PRIVATE KEY" -site:facebook.com -example -test*

  • 日期:2018-03-12
  • 类别:
  • 作者:oni49
  • 语法:ext:pem "PRIVATE KEY" -site:facebook.com -example -test*
  • Locate private keys that are publicly accessible.

    You can also look use filetype:pem to search instead.

    Other file types that may represent keys include:

    Looking for the term "PRIVATE KEY" will look for the typical "BEGIN RSA
    PRIVATE KEY" or "END RSA PRIVATE KEY" but will target multiple key types
    and both beginning and end.

    Removing site's like facebook.com reduces the number of user names that may
    match the search. Removing words like "example" and "test" removes the
    number of keys that are published on purpose for demonstrations.

    This will produce a LOT of github results. If you want to look for other
    sites that may have accidentally published keys, add "-site:github.com" or

    Happy hunting.