intext:" – 2019 Cott Systems, Inc."

  • 日期:2019-01-14
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  • 作者:FlyingFrog
  • 语法:intext:" – 2019 Cott Systems, Inc."
  • AUTHOR: FlyingFrog
    Twitter: @ItsKarl0z

    ++ Local Government Websites (American) ++

    intext:"  - 2019 Cott Systems, Inc."

    Cott Systems develops a lot of the local government document
    search portals in the U.S.

    Data you can find:
        - Search Portals for:
            - Clerk Offices
            - Personal Data
            - Property Data (Tax, Debt, Deed etc.)
            - Internal Search engines
        - Foothold in potentially vulnerable .gov Websites
        - local government is usually not well funded, their cybersecurity is not very good
          chances of finding bugs are very high

    ++ 307 results at the time of writing ++

    The vulnerabilities are suggestions, none of them have been tested by me,
    always request permission before testing anything on someone else system.
    This dork is made by myself, I give you permission to share it as you please,
    I would appreciate a shoutout !