• 日期:2004-10-26
  • 类别:
  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:inurl:wiki/MediaWiki
  • MediaWiki is reported prone to a cross-site scripting vulnerability. This issue arises due to insufficient sanitization of user-supplied data. A remote attacker may exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in the browser of a vulnerable user.bugtraq id 11480objectclass Input Validation Errorcve CVE-MAP-NOMATCHremote Yeslocal Nopublished Oct 18, 2004updated Oct 20, 2004vulnerable MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.1MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.2MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.3MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.4MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.5MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.6not vulnerable MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.3.7