• 日期:2004-09-06
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  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:inurl:"plog/register.php"
  • pLog is a popular form of bloggin software. Currently there are estimated about 1450 sites running it. The installation documents clearly warn about removing files after installation for security purposes:"If you are not planning to allow internet users to create new blogs in this server, then you should also remove register.php."This search finds that register.php form of course :)Below is some more general information about pLog.Vendor site: hxxp:// portals http://sitename/plog/admin.phpInstallation wizard: http://sitename/plog/wizard.phpConfig file (mysql db pass): http://sitename/plog/config/ files: http://sitename/plog/tmp/Gallery files: http://sitename/plog/gallery/Blog search engine: