"Powered by Gallery v1.4.4"

  • 日期:2004-08-25
  • 类别:
  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:"Powered by Gallery v1.4.4"
  • http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/10968/discussion/"A vulnerability is reported to exist in Gallery that may allow a remote attacker to execute malicious scripts on a vulnerable system. This issue is a design error that occurs due to the 'set_time_limit' function.The issue presents itself because the 'set_time_limit' function forces the application to wait for 30-seconds before the verification and discarding of non-image files takes place. This allows for a window of opportunity for an attacker to execute a malicious script on a server.Gallery 1.4.4 is reported prone to this issue, however, other versions may be affected as well. "