("Indexed.By"|"Monitored.By") hAcxFtpScan

  • 日期:2004-07-26
  • 类别:
  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:("Indexed.By"|"Monitored.By") hAcxFtpScan
  • hAcxFtpScan - software that use 'l33t h@x0rz' to monitor their file stroz on ftp. On the ftp server usualy it is a directory like:/Monitored.By.hAcxFtpScan//Indexed.By.hAcxFtpScan/These are tagged, hacked, rooted and filled servers, in wich pplz from forums or irc channels (in most cases, usuasly private) share filez (yes yes p2p suxz)And again thnxz goo 4 help us to find it.