ext:xml ("proto='prpl-'" | "prpl-yahoo" | "prpl-silc" | "prpl-icq")

  • 日期:2013-02-05
  • 类别:
  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:ext:xml ("proto='prpl-'" | "prpl-yahoo" | "prpl-silc" | "prpl-icq")
  • *Google Search:*



    Find Accounds and Passwords from Pidgin Users.

    Google limit queries to 32 words so it?s impossible to search for all

    Account-Types in one query!

    List of all Params: Feel free to build your own search query.

    proto='prpl-'; prpl-silc; prpl-simple; prpl-zephyr; prpl-bonjour;

    prpl-qq; prpl-meanwhile; prpl-novell; prpl-gg; prpl-myspace; prpl-msn;

    prpl-gtalk; prpl-icq; prpl-aim; prpl-yahoo; prpl-yahoojp; prpl-yah;

    prpl-irc; prpl-yabber

    *Author:* la.usch.io