intitle:"report" ("qualys" | "acunetix" | "nessus" | "netsparker" | "nmap") filetype:html

  • 日期:2020-07-07
  • 类别:
  • 作者:Sachin Kattimani
  • 语法:intitle:"report" ("qualys" | "acunetix" | "nessus" | "netsparker" | "nmap") filetype:html
  • Description : intitle:"report" ("qualys" | "acunetix" | "nessus" |
    "netsparker" | "nmap") filetype:html

    This dork allows identification and detection of
    vulnerabilities arising from mis-configurations or flawed programming
    within a network-based asset such as a firewall, router, web server,
    application server, etc from already scanned reports.

    *This html version is giving more reports of top companies than the PDF
    version. please find the screenshots and compare with the pdf version.*