PEpper – PE文件恶意软件静态分析的开源脚本

PEpper PE文件分析

一个开源的PE文件恶意分析脚本,用于对PE执行恶意软件静态分析。PE(Portable Executable)格式,是微软环境可移植可执行文件(如exe、dll、vxd、sys和vdm等)的标准文件格式。

PEpper  - PE文件恶意软件静态分析的开源脚本

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PEpper  - PE文件恶意软件静态分析的开源脚本


  • Suspicious entropy ratio
  • Suspicious name ratio
  • Suspicious code size
  • Suspicious debugging time-stamp
  • Number of export
  • Number of anti-debugging calls
  • Number of virtual-machine detection calls
  • Number of suspicious API calls
  • Number of suspicious strings
  • Number of YARA rules matches
  • Number of URL found
  • Number of IP found
  • Cookie on the stack (GS) support
  • Control Flow Guard (CFG) support
  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) support
  • Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) support
  • Structured Exception Handling (SEH) support
  • Thread Local Storage (TLS) support
  • Presence of manifest
  • Presence of version
  • Presence of digital certificate
  • Packer detection
  • VirusTotal database detection
  • Import hash