Windows 2000 Internet Services

  • 日期:2003-06-24
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  • 作者:anonymous
  • 语法:Windows 2000 Internet Services
  • At first glance, this search reveals even more examples of operating system users enabling the operating system default web server software. This is generally accepted to be a Bad Idea(TM) as mentioned in the previous example. However, the googleDork index on this particular category gets quite a boost from the fact that this particular screen should NEVER be seen by the general public. To quote the default index screen: "Any users attempting to connect to this site are currently receiving an 'Under Construction page'" THIS is not the 'Under Construction page.' I was only able to generate this screen while sitting at the console of the server. The fact that this screen is revealed to the general public may indicate a misconfiguration of a much more insidious nature...